Things to do in Plitvice

Wheather you want to be active, or prefer to take time for your personal needs, the Plitvice National Park offers a variety of activities.

Plitvice Lakes is a World Heritage Site and the oldest and largest National Park in Croatia. Waters flowing over the limestone and chalk have deposited minerals, and created natural dams. The result is a series of beautiful lakes, caves and waterfalls. The forests in the park are home to bears, wolves and many rare birds. With its exceptional natural beauty, this area has always attracted nature lovers. On 8 April 1949 it was proclaimed Croatia’s first national park and has been included on the UNESCO heritage list since 1979.

Besides it's lustrous natural beauty, there are numerous activities not to say adventures in and around the Plitvice lakes. Here's a selection of our favorite things to do...

Frau auf galoppierenden Pferd
Horse riding
Quad & Buggy adventure
Adrenaline Park - Tomahawk
Adrenaline Park - Archery
Adrenaline Park - Zipline
Ranch Deer Valley
Barac Caves